Gum Drop Hair Jig - Qty.5

Gum Drop Hair Jig - Qty.5

SKU: 0001
Gum Drop Hair Jig 1/32 - NOW with the best jig head and hook on the market. Perfect eyelet, closed and paint free.  Medium gauge hook means no breaking.  Modified sickle hook with rounded turns .  Means less weak points.  This hair jig can  last a season.

    1/32 Hair Jig - Made with the highest quality 3 Pound FIshing Jig Head and modifies sickle hook.  Medium guage hook eleminates breaking, bait keeper on the back side.  The jig that can last a season


    Return unused full packet and we will refund your purchase.  

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    Hand Ties from 3 Pound Fishing uset the best in materials.  Limited quanities are available