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3 Pound Fishing Signature Series

Designed by 3 Pound Fishing, available HERE and at local bait stores. Additional Sizes are Coming

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Built Better, Stronger, More Sensitive

The best 10 foot fishing rod on the market.  Without compromise we developed the Hammer 10 to be a strong and sensitive rod that can be used for all techniques.  We increased the wall thickness to add strength to the Hammer 10.  We increased the diameter of the base so you can ensure you have the strength needed to boat flip the biggest of fish.  We focused on sensitivity for the Hammer 10 ensuring the lightest of bites could be felt. Lastly, we perfected the rod action.  We created a rod that truly can allow for easy casting, jigging, and flipping for all species.  The Hammer 10 is an accumulation of years of fishing with 10 foot rods.  The combination of all these improvements makes it the 3 Pound Fishing go to rod.

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Product Development

The Signature series will be a complete line of Rods.  Currently we plan for the 7,13, and 16 foot rods to be available by July 2023.  

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